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Our next event is on 

Tuesday February 28th 2017

Followed by 

Tuesday March 13th 2018

at the the John Charles Sports Centre 09.30- 15.00 

What is the Tournament about?

Among the many aims of Rotary is the support of the local community as well as improving the personal development and skills of individuals.
These life skills and qualities are much needed by the individual to progress better in life as well as benefitting industry by having innovative employees.
We aim to improve  personal development and the enterprise skills of the younger generation. 

The event: Schools provide up to 3 teams of 4 youngsters, who tackle an unseen design and technology task about which they, and their teachers, know nothing until they arrive on the day. Normally schools provide a team at each of 3 levels which are

Foundation (Years 7, 8 and 9 - age 11 to 13 KS3), 

Intermediate (Years 10 and 11 - age 13 to 15 KS4) and 

Advanced (Years 12 and 13 - age 15 to 18 KS5).

Teams have to answer a practical problem (The Task).

This requires them to design, develop, build and test a model from the very limited resources supplied, such as strips of wood, dowel, paper clips, tape, wire, cardboard, glue, elastic bands etc.

The results are assessed by a small panel of Rotarians and Industrialists with backgrounds in engineering, technology, enterprise and education. They help to steer the teams by asking pointed questions during the day.

The whole event is completed during one school day. [See the reports for previous years (tabs on left of screen) and for the sorts of task set.

Schools have been sent details and ALL are  invited to take part. Individual member rotary clubs are liaising with their local schools to help to sort out issues and develop a good relationship that avoids communication issues.

The event is organised by 8 of the Leeds Rotary Clubs working together.
To see what the event is all about, please see the reports of the previous tournaments by clicking on the menu tabs on the left.

Rotary Technology Tournaments have been held nationwide in the last few years, and 2017 will be our tenth year. The number taking part nationwide is increasing year on year. The number of Centres running these Tournaments has expanded rapidly. The RTT started with the Clubs in the Home Counties of England.
In District 1040 (Yorkshire), we started in Harrogate (2002), followed by Halifax (2004), York (2005), Skipton (2006), Leeds, Batley and Bradford (2007), Catterick 2008), and then Whitby (2009). This coming year some 14 centres will be active

We welcome participation by Schools in Leeds by competing,
- and by Sponsors, who assist with support and judging. 

What will be the next Task?

This has been set, but the teams will only find out on the day! We do know it will be a testing, but enjoyable and rewarding challenge for those taking part. They are guaranteed a good, interesting and fun day out, which will test their knowledge, ingenuity, innovation, application and manual skills etc, as well as their ability to work in a team. Teachers also get a chance to participate in the task, as an Advanced Team, and can undertake Continuing Professional Development.



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